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101 dalmatians, 358/2 days, a bug's life, a goofy movie, aladdin, alice in wonderland, ansem the wise, aqua, ariel, aristocats, atlantis, axel, bambi, beast, beauty and the beast, bedknobs & broomsticks, belle, birth by sleep, camp rock, canon, captain jack sparrow, cars, cheetah girls, chip & dale, cinderella, coliseum, crack, daisy duck, darkwing duck, deep jungle, destiny islands, disney, disney channel, disney channel original movies, disney digital 3d, disney princesses, disney universe, disney world, disneyland, donald, donald duck, ducktales, dumbo, elizabeth swann, emperor's new groove, fantasia, finding nemo, gargoyles, goof troop, goofy, hades, halloweentown, herbie, hercules, hunchback of notre dame, ienzo, jack skellington, jasmine, jonas, jonas brothers, jungle book, kairi, kh, kim possible, kingdom hearts, kingdomhearts, lady and the tramp, larxene, lexaeus, lilo & stitch, lion king, love bug, luxord, marluxia, mary poppins, mickey mouse, minnie mouse, monsters inc, mulan, oliver & company, oliver and company, olympus, organization 13, parent trap, pete's dragon, peter pan, phineas & ferb, pinocchio, pirates of the caribbean, pixar, pocahontas, princess and the frog, professor von drake, radiant garden, ratatouille, rescue rangers, rescuers down under, riku, robin hood, roger rabbit, role-play, roleplay, roleplaying, roxas, rp, saix, scrooge mcduck, shaggy dog, sleeping beauty, snow white, sora, suite life, sword in the stone, tailspin, tarzan, terra, that's so raven, the black cauldron, the incredibles, the lion king, the little mermaid, the proud family, the replacements, the rescuers, tinker bell, toy story, toy story 2, traverse town, treasure planet, tron, twilight town, up, vanitas, ven, ventus, vexen, wall-e, walt disney, watcher in the woods, who framed roger rabbit, will turner, winnie the pooh, wizards of waverly place, wonderland, xaldin, xemnas, xigbar, xion, zack & cody, zexion